Transferring Creditshell request form

Please follow these steps to use your Creditshell account to buy new ticket or add-on services for the original passenger on the old ticket:

1. Book new ticket on Vietjet's website/App at

2. Choose PAY LATER payment method

3. Apply Transferring Creditshell request form here and verify your request within 15 minutes since your new booking is created

4. Pay fare difference (if any) by other online payment method avaible on our website, log in to your booking at

5. If the total amount of your new ticket is higher than the balance of your creditshell account, you have to pay for the fare difference. If the total amount of your new ticket is less than balance of your creditshell account , you can use the remaining amount of original ticket for the next time as long as your creditshell account hasn't expired

6. Please contact your initial booking (Agency) if your ticket is issued via Agency.

7. The old and new bookings have to be the same currency

*Noted: check your email to verify your request and check your request status online at Request processing status tab

Booking has been creditshelled

Booking want to be paid by creditshell


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